Student Life

Students admitted to this College not only study professional knowledge but can also use many resources such as scholarship information, library resource and student association and organizations.

The College prepares annual “Rising Starts in Public Health” with collection of scholarship information from various colleges and the review of paper winners, which will be distributed to parents, faculty and students at tassel ceremony. To know more about the “Rising Stars in Public Health,” please visit “Student Awards.”

The college and the school care about the living requirement of students by establishing a special section that collects information related to food, clothing, accommodation and transportation surrounding the campus. New students and transfer students can review the precautions offered by the school on a service network. Please refer to “Food, Accommodation and Transportation.”

To find out the scholarships offered by colleges and university, please click “Scholarship Information” for more details.

NTU students have access to many resources. Apart from the rich library resources at the main campus, the library in College of Medicine campus allows students to retrieve resources closely. Click “Library Resources” for more information.

NTU values the autonomy of students and there are many student organizations. The “Department of Public Health Student Association” has a long history and holds many activities for students to interact and exchange information. The new “College of Public Health Graduate Student Association” offers a channel for graduate students to acquaint each other. Please see “Student Association” for more information.

To apply for school dormitory and find out which clubs NTU offers? Click on “Student Affairs Office” for more information!

New students may have many questions about NTU. To solve the problems for new students, NUT holds a new student orientation college where all undergraduate students can participate in new student orientation camp and graduate students may join the new student orientation activity and new student orientation workshop held by the college. Please refer to “New Student Orientation” 。

Each June NTU holds graduation commencement while the college would hold the tassel ceremony before the graduation commencement. The faculty will straighten the tassel for students graduating, symbolizing the college blessing to students. To view the 2014 graduation commencement, please see the “Graduation/Tassel Ceremony.”

Do you want to pursue advanced study or enter workplace directly after the graduation? The Student Career and Development Center of NTU offers you suggestions and the College will hold career Symposiums for alumni to come back and share their experience. Come visit the “Career Service” for more information!