Features and History

The new challenges in public health have shown there is an enormous need for public health professionals with multidisciplinary views and thinking. In order to respond to the emerging issues and problems during the rapid social and economic transition in recent decades, more personnel across different disciplines in public health are needed. The organizations of private sectors, including healthcare providers and other private stakeholders in public health, also recognized the need for continuous education for their employees. In the past, these trainings were fulfilled by cooperative projects between Taiwan and foreign universities which offered MPH programs. Concerned that foreign experiences cannot fulfill our local need, National Taiwan University (NTU) College of Public Health (CPH) decided to start Master of Public Health (MPH) Program to equip local manpower with practical experiences and cultivate future professional human resources for the society.


The MPH program was established in October in 2007. This program is different from other master degrees provided by regular departments or graduate institutes such as Master of Science (M.S.) which emphasizes development of masters for academic research. The characteristics of this MPH program are to integrate resources in the college, combine theory and practice, and cultivate scientific evidences and strategic thinking of public health professionals. Three mutually related fields, including Community Health Science, Environmental and


Occupational Health, and Health Policy and Management were planned first when this program was started in 2007. Since 2010, the size of student body has expanded to 40, and the program increased to five disciplinary fields, including Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health Services Administration, and Environmental Health Sciences.


NTU MPH Program is the first multi-departmental master program in Taiwan. Our MPH program is widely known in the country as the first professional credential for leadership in public health in Taiwan. It is designed for public health professionals who have the greatest passion in devoting to the progressions in public health of humankind.


NTU MPH program integrates cross discipline resources within the college in order to train people to lead in the field of public health. The core value of MPH is CITE, which stands for compassion, integrity, teamwork, and equality. These are the qualities that we firmly believe a public health professional should possess and with which one may develop into a responsible social being. We hope that all of our faculty and students will hold CITE as the core spirit while doing research and practicing works about public health. Our mission is to establish a highly professional, secure, fair, and effective medical system and environment that fit our public health needs. To pursue this mission, MPH program provides resourceful and rigorous education in order to cultivate frontline professionals in public practice who emphasize human rights, possess global perspective and aspire to assure the welfare of human beings.